Pavitrak Pure Organic Fig Jam Honeymix


Brand Pacitrak
Color Brown
Product Type Fig Jam
Specialty Naturally Weight Management Lower Blood Pressure Promotes Bone Health Regulate Blood Sugar
Weight 210 Gram
Flavor Honey Mix
Shelf Life 365 Days
Features All Natural,Delicious,Nutrient Rich Jam Containing 85% Real Fruit Pulp,100% Real Fruit
Storage Instructions The product should be Stored in cool and dry place Away From Humidity and Sunlight.
Country of Origin Made in India

All natural, Delicious, nutrient rich Jam containing 85% real fruit pulp prepared from naturally grown and freshly harvested fig from our own farm that will delight consumer by providing great taste, good value and real nutrient. It is rich in vitamin, minerals, antioxidants, fibers as well as natural sugars which helps in improving digestive health, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and also helping in diabetes treatment by normalizing blood fatty acid and Vitamin E level and contributing to overall wellness.

Key Features Of Pavitrak Fig Jam:
All natural, delicious, nutrient rich jam containing 85% real fruit pulp 100% real fruit natural farming based product prepared from naturally grown and freshly harvested fig. No artificial colors added No artificial flavor added.

Key Specification:
Weight management
Lower blood pressure
Prevent constipation
Promotes bone health
Regulate blood sugar


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